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    I’ve previously written about mental training and what impact it had on my mindset over the past year. So what got me into considering mental training? I believe the reason I wasn’t feeling great about the previous season nor the upcoming one last summer was the fear of failure I was experiencing. I was scared of not living up to the expectations of others and most of all the expectations I had on myself. I was already worrying, yes worrying instead of feeling curious, about what the upcoming season had in store for me. The fear of failing was overcasting all the excitement I had and most importantly it was overcasting the joy skiing gives me and the happiness it makes me feel. I had forgotten why I was in it, who I was doing it for and what my focus was.

    When I met mental coach Cecilia Duberg the first time she helped me see this pattern of thinking. She didn’t immediately give me any answers but for the first time I became aware of how much energy I was putting into thoughts like ”what happens if…”, ”am I doing something meaningful”, ”am I good enough to do this”, ”what will my partners think/say if I fail” etc. Were these thoughts of any help? Well, you tell me but it certainly wasn’t taking me to where I wanted to be. So the first thing I learned was this. By worrying about the future or regretting the past we avoid the present. And the present, the here and now, is the only thing we can actually affect. That doesn’t mean I can’t affect the outcome of something, like preparing for a contest run, but that’s still about doing something in the present that might have an impact on a future event.

    By learning how to channel my energy I could save up to have some left for the moments I really needed it. Because worrying requires energy that could be used for something else. I also learned that I could choose where to direct my attention – the brain can actually be rewired much like a computer but it needs to actually practice thinking the thoughts that were helping me over and over again. Sounds complicated?

    On September 3rd Cecilia and I will co-host a workshop in Stockholm, talking about our journey from two different perspectives. We have chosen to call it The Flowcode as flow, you know that feeling when everything is easy and possible, is something we believe everyone is striving for. We’ll be sharing mental coaching theories and personal anecdotes from the past year and we hope to fill an afternoon with inspirational and motivational insights, exercises and tips that can help the participants in their daily lives. If you are battling high expectations, fear of failure, competition and low self esteem this might be just right for you. Interested?

    Tickets are limited but we still have some left! Book HERE. We so hope to see you there in fall.

    Have a great Midsummer!


    Mental training  
    Kommentarer (0) | 22 Juni 2016


    I've been going bananas -literally - on smoothies for a while and it's only getting worse. Smoothies, or shakes as Mattias likes to call them to make it sound less hip and trendy, are the perfect way to get energized quickly regardless of what time a day it is. Here are some examples. I never measure the ingredients and I suggest you skip it too. Just taste and you'll know what to do. Left side: Strawberry and coconut milk. Blueberry and spinach. Right side: Rasberry, cardamom and oatmilk. Acai and chia seeds. I usually make the base the same way with bananas, hemp protein and water. Sometimes I also add stuff like almonds, chia seeds, cashew nuts, raw coconut butter, cinnamon, mint leaves. Or just whatever I have in the fridge really. Enjoy!

    Breakfast   Food   Snack  
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    Eat. Sleep. Surf. Repeat. That's about what we did in the Maldives on our honey moon last week. Well, alright. We did a little bit of training too. Anyways, here are some photos from the trip. I can highly recommend Hudhuranfushi Resort where we stayed.

    Restips   Surf   Training inspo  
    Kommentarer (0) | 02 Juni 2016


    A week from today Mattias and I are headed off to this magical place. Due to the Shades of winter filming in Abisko we had to postpone our honey moon for a bit but now I'm really exited to go to a warm place, hang out and surf again. If anyone of you have been to the Maldives and have some recommendations for us, hit me!Photos from the Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort website.

    Restips   Surf  
    Kommentarer (1) | 11 Maj 2016


    I really got into organic skin care this past year. When you're trying to eat as much organic food as possible, why not also use skincare that is good to your body and the environment? I got a recommendation to test some Cicamed products randomly last fall and really liked the effect they had on my skin. In addition to a good sun screen I find that I really need to take care of my skin as I'm out in rough conditions with wind and cold temperatures so much in winter. Now I use Cicamed every day and this spring they sent me an extra batch of products which I'm very thankful for.

    The cleanser and Collagen Boost Mask are my favorites, love the effect they both have on my skin. In addition to that I also started using olive oil for my face as I leaned from a knowledgeble friend that it has incredible effect on the skin. And I can only agree!

    What does your skin care routine look like?

    Kommentarer (0) | 10 Maj 2016


    Photo Mattias Fredriksson

    Today was fun! There was too much wind to go heli skiing so we ended up trying out dog mushing on the lake. So much fun but after a while we were freezing like crazy, the wind got pretty strong. The dogs were strong too, we had to fight hard to make them stand still while we were setting up the shots for filming. But after a while they calmed down and by the end they were actually pretty tired, mostly because of the slushy snow I think. Tomorrow we're hoping to get out flying again, fingers crossed!

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    Kommentarer (0) | 09 Maj 2016


    Almost two weeks have passed since the most spectacular weekend of my life - our wedding. Here are some photos from the first day when the presigious team dual slalom went down at Jochpass with 96 (!) eager competitors. Photos are taken by mainly by Oskar Enander and Mattias. Thanks to everyone who made the race such a success, Engelberg Sport School in particular who arranged the whole event. And of course our sponsors that contributed with great prizes and the coolest wedding gift ever from Atomic (see photo of Mattias and I below and you'll understand what I mean).

    Kommentarer (1) | 06 Maj 2016


    I arrived in Abisko two days ago together with the Shades of winter crew to film the last segment for the upcoming film. The best part is Mattias tagged along as a photographer - so nice to have him here with me and the crew. The rest of the crew constitutes of skiers Sandra and Julia plus our filmers Mathias and Alex, photographer Mattias and our guides Stefan and Bernie.

    Here are some of his shots from the first heli session last night. Such epic light and scenary up here. 

    Shades of winter  
    Kommentarer (0) | 03 Maj 2016


    Sandra and the Shades of winter crew arrived a few days ago as we are filming a segment for the next movie here in Engelberg. I really enjoy being home and showing the crew around my back yard. It's been a little warm lately but we still found great snow higher up in the resort when ski touring. Below some screen shots taken by Alexander Rydén.

    Shades of winter  
    Kommentarer (0) | 12 April 2016


    It's so nice to finally spend some time back home. To be honest I haven't spent more than five days in Engelberg since the middle of February. Mattias is at home too but now he's off to Sweden. As for myself I'm getting ready for a filming mission here next week, fingers crossed for some good conditions. Below - some pic from a hike we took the other day!

    Kommentarer (0) | 07 April 2016

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